The most effective lead generation tactic during Black Month

September 30, 2022

Black Month, which includes Black Friday, is a very expensive time for advertisers due to the high demand for advertising space. 

It is also an extremely effective time for advertising because people are more likely to make purchases during this holiday season. 

As a result, lead generation can be a helpful strategy for advertisers to ensure they can send emails to potential customers when Black Friday arrives.

Read about why lead generation is good idea during the Black Month.

While people are ready to make purchases during Black Friday, not all ads effectively convince them to do so. To stand out from competitors and persuade people to sign up for your newsletter, you need to ensure that your messaging and overall ad campaign are compelling and relevant to your target audience. 

So how do you persuade people to sign up for your newsletter so they can receive your emails in their already-filled-inbox?

Let’s find out.

Competitions are the by far most effective message

While people are certainly ready to spend money on Black Friday, they are also often interested in getting things for free or winning prizes. 

This is where competitions and giveaways can be useful tactics for advertisers. The data shows that running a competition during Black Month can result in an average of double the number of leads for the same amount of impressions compared to other tactics.

On the other hand, simply offering exclusive deals or discounts to people who sign up for a newsletter during Black Week may be less effective at generating leads. The data shows that this approach is 56% less effective than running a competition.

There are several ways that you can use competitions and giveaways to engage with potential customers during Black Month. One option is to offer specific products as prizes or to give away gift cards that can be used during Black Friday. 

Alternatively, consider offering a general prize unrelated to any particular product or promotion. By providing something of value to your target audience, you can increase the chances that they will sign up for your newsletter and engage with your brand.

Competitions are not as used as you might think

While competitions and giveaways are highly effective tactics for lead generation during Black Month, they are not as widely used as other tactics. 

Only about 1 out of every five impressions from lead generation ads during this time are related to competitions. This means that your customers are not inundated with a large number of competition offers, which can make them more likely to sign up for yours.

The fact that competitions offer the chance to win something for free or at a discounted price may be particularly appealing to people looking to save money during the holiday season.

Overall, competitions and giveaways can be a powerful tool for lead generation during Black Month.

Stand out in the sea of “fantastic black offers”

Competitions and giveaways can effectively generate leads and drive newsletter subscriptions during Black Month, particularly around Black Friday. 

Remember that the ultimate goal of these efforts is to persuade people to make purchases on Black Friday. This means it is essential to focus on generating high-quality leads who are actively interested in making purchases during this period.

One way to do this is to mix the themes of competitions and Black Friday together in your marketing efforts. 

For example, you could offer a gift card specifically for use on Black Friday as a prize in a competition. This can help to attract people who are already planning to make purchases on Black Friday and are more likely to be interested in your products or services. By targeting your competitions and giveaways to this audience, you can increase the chances of generating leads that are ready to buy on Black Friday.

Let’s review your gameplan for success.

  • Black Friday is a costly period for advertisers, making lead generation beforehand a potential strategy

  • Competitions are the most effective tactic for lead generation during Black Month

  • Competitions are more than twice as effective as advertising exclusive sales but only make up 20% of lead-generation impressions

  • To target leads with the intention of shopping on Black Friday, incorporate Black Friday themes in your competition.

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