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increase your catalog ads revenue by improved performance

Increase your revenue

With Confect you can improve your performance by running multiple designs of your Catalog Ads.

Improve brand assets with Branded Catalog Ads

Build your brand

With Confect you can use your brand assets in your Catalog Ads and outshine your competitors.

Run custom designed campaigns in Catalog Ads

Scale your campaigns

With Confect you can switch the designs of your Catalog Ads based on all your campaigns.

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Turn Catalog Ads into videos

With Confect you can make Product Level Videos and Video Catalog Ads on Meta and TikTok.

Unleash the super-powers of your Catalog Ads

  • ikea catalog ad example showing a grey IKEA kitchen
  • Closely ad example showing a woman wearing a lace bralette in black
  • iPhone 11 ad example showing a cartoon old woman and christmas tree
  • catalog ad example for iphone 6S plus with blue-grey background
  • Bog&ide ad example showing Cluedo game and pricing with red background
  • Audi catalog ad example showing a audi rim
  • Sketchers sales catalog ad example showing shoe against red background
  • bareen men's short catalog ad example with model
  • catalog ad example with washing machine and price
  • JYSK ad example showing wood bedside table with drawer
  • catalog ad example for Google smart clock showing price
  • MCM catalog ad example with model and backpack

Ready to improve your Catalog Ads?

Intersport branded logo social proof

Automating our content with Confect has opened for many new use-cases and possibilities in our marketing.

Thomas Nordborg profile pciture CMO at Intersport
Thomas Nordborg
CMO, Intersport
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Confect gives us the opportunity to make remarketing and prospecting even more efficient in regards to ROI and ROAS - without compromising our visual identity.

Denis Lauritzen head of eCommerce at refurb
Dennis Lauritzen
Head of eCommerce, Refurb
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We have seen a significantly better Return On Ad Spend since we started using Confect.

Claus Enggaard Pedersen - digital specialist at ILVA
Claus Enggaard Pedersen
Digital Specialist, ILVA
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Confect increases revenue, is 100% automated, and the support is fantastic. What is not to like!

Christian S.B. Moller profile picture, CMO at Billig fitness
Christian S. B. Møller
CMO, Billig Fitness