Scale your campaigns with Catalog ads

Scale your campaigns with Catalog ads

With Confect you can switch the designs of your Catalog Ads based on all your campaigns.

Used by top performing e-commerce companies

IKEA branded logo example in black and white
AUDI company logo example in black and white
ecco logo brand asset example in black and white
LEGO wear logo example in black and white
JACK & Jones logo example in black and white
Sketchers branded logo example in black and white
INTERSPORT company logo example in black and white
JYSK branded logo example in black and white
improve campaign performance with custom catalog ads
create multiple versions of one content for A/B testing your catalog ads

Fully control your Catalog Ads

Swap between your always-on design(s) and campaign design(s) in just a few clicks.

Ensure that you're always showing your relevant campaigns in your catalog ads.

match your content to all dimensions and product assets with custom catalog ads

Schedule campaigns in the future

Automate your designs and campaigns for the next quarter in just one day.

Be sure to never stress about a campaign launch the day before again.

Create campaign designs that are on brand with custom catalog ads

Apply campaigns to specific categories, brands, and products

Are you running a campaign on only a selection of your products? No problem!

You can easily schedule that campaign with Confect on all your available product data.

Import your products in design with custom catalog ads

Make designs for your new campaign in minutes

With our easy drag-n-drop design editor, you can forget all about using hours on designing.

You can launch a new campaign in minutes with your own custom elements and Confect's premade templates/elements.

Catalog Ads that's building urgency

  • catalog ads example for Google smart clock with price and features
  • black week friday catalog ads example showing backpack and pricing information
  • birthday catalog ads example showing bedding against red background
  • singles day catalog ads example showing male model in underwear
  • christmas catalog ads example for Frederik IX studies watch
  • outlet catalog ads showing washing machine and pricing information
  • christmas catalog ads example showing iphone 11 and blue background
  • black week catalog ads example showing bedroom and bed
  • Conguitos shoe catalog ad example for summer campaign
  • Sketchers catalog ad example with red background
  • valentines catalog ads example showing teapot and pricing for flying tiger
  • sale catalog ads example showing bottle of sparkling wine on orange retro background

Made for eCommerce companies

Drag & Drop editor

Our drag and drop design editor empowers beginners and professionals to turn any design into reality.

Custom fonts & medias

Confect supports all types of fonts and medias. Match your brand exactly as it looks.

Dynamic Product Layers

Personalize your customer experiences by adding dynamic product layers with the data from your shops product feed.

Layers & groups

Work within the workflows you know. The Confect editor follows simple layer and folder systems.

Same design multiple channels

Create new content for any channel with one click. Duplicate design, fine-tune details and it's done.

Templates available

Create your content quickly by starting off with one of our ecommerce optimized ad templates.

Automatic updates

Whether you changed design template, or there is product data changes, Confect will automatically update all of your Content.

Live support

Our dedicated support team will help you to create amazing content with Confect.

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intersport logo example in black and white

Confect updates our content automatically everywhere from big campaigns to small changes in price or inserting the brand logos dynamically.

Thomas Nordborg CMO at Intersport
Thomas Nordborg
CMO, Intersport
JYSK VIN logo example in black and white

Confect is intuitively easy to use and makes our content stand out.

Esben Segel profile image marketing specialist at Jysk Vin
Esben Segel
Marketing Specialist, Jysk Vin
refurb branded logo example in black and white

Confect gives us the opportunity to make remarketing and prospecting even more efficient in regards to ROI and ROAS - without compromising our visual identity.

Denis Lauritzen head of ecommerce at refurb
Dennis Lauritzen
Head of eCommerce, Refurb
philipson wine company logo example in black and white

We are using Confect across all of our channels. It provides an easy use and setup along with great ROI in E-commerce solutions.

Jacob philipson digital marketing manager for philipson wine
Jacob Zerlang Philipson
Digital Marketing Manager, Philipson Wine