Content learnings from top fashion brands

August 11, 2022

One of the best ways to increase the performance of your fashion brand's ads is to optimize the content.

To do this, it can be helpful to learn from the top fashion brands and see what they are doing.

By looking at the best in the industry, you can gain valuable insights and ideas for improving your own content.

So, we did this - by grouping fashion advertisers into three groups based on the average performance of their ads on Meta. 

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what we learned!

Top performing fashion advertisers launch more content

The saying “content is king” is an understatement.

This is especially true when you look at the top-performing fashion advertisers.

These top performers launch 42% more content per month than the bottom-performing advertisers.

42% more - that is a lot more content!

But hey, they are the top-performing advertiser for one reason - performance.

These top performers understand that feeding the algorithms with more new content gives them a boost in performance.

It gives the marketing platform more chances of feeding the right content to the right person.

There are also a lot more campaigns, ad testing, and general renewing of content that these top performers are pushing.

Overall, content really is king. Top-performing fashion brands launch 42% more content per month than bottom-performing fashion advertisers.

Launching more content is great, but is it a good idea to leave them all live, flooding the algorithm?

Content is live for shorter time on top performing advertisers feeds

Surprisingly, the top fashion brands remove their content quicker than you think.

Even though they release a lot of content, they also push NEW content faster.

Or to say it in an other way: they kill their content-darlings faster.

The fact that there is more content allows them to be more selective about what to run and keep the best-performing content running for the longest.


On average top-performing fashion brands have their content live for a 36% shorter time compared to bottom-performing advertisers.

The takeaway here is that top fashion brands are finding the performance advantages of leaving content live for a shorter amount of time.

Why are they doing this? Probably because they’re able to beat demand and ad fatigue.

But why is ad fatigue so important to understand?

Fashion brands and ad fatigue

Ad fatigue is a serious thing for all marketers to consider. The concept of people getting tired of seeing your ad, which makes it less and less effective over time.

Many marketers worry about the learning phase (usually the first week or two) decreasing their performance.

But ad fatigue can hurt your performance much worse than the learning phase.

Top fashion brands don’t want to wait and sacrifice performance, which is why they act so fast.

By the 4th week, the top-performing advertisers start pulling their content due to ad fatigue.

As seen in the graph mid- and bottom-performing fashion brands stop their content after approximately 8 weeks, compared to less than 5 weeks for Top-performers. Content age is an important factor to measure.

However, pulling your content and releasing new content is not enough, especially when you’re pushing so much content. You need to make sure you vary the look of your content too.

Top performing advertisers from fashion brands mix up their content more

It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting locked in by your brand guidelines. 

Whether that be the same brand assets, templates, or even reusing almost identical content.

Top fashion brands tend to mix up their content more like switching up layouts, element placements, colors, saturation, brightness, text amount, etc.

Using the same types of content could hurt your performance.

By having more unique pieces of content, the algorithm may help you reach wider demographics by providing you with more data.

The right viewer will see the right content.

Try to utilize more “unique designs” when making new content for possible increases in your performance.

Copy the strategies behind top-performing fashion brands

It’s never a bad idea to take a look at what the top fashion brands are doing and implement some of their strategies for yourself.

To summarize, top-performing fashion brands:

  • Launch more content new content every month

  • Let their content live on feeds for a shorter period of time

  • Focus on ad fatigue more than the learning phase

  • Mix up different designs more

Try to utilize these strategies for yourself and see if you notice any performance improvement!

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The dataset from this article is based on 967m+ impressions and 9500+ pieces of individual content on Meta (Facebook) platforms from Fashion brands ONLY. It takes into account data from only brands within fashion industry in all countries, with the campaign objectives of conversions only. The period is from 01.09.2021 - 16.09.2022.

Numbers are looking at correlation only, not causation. Remember to check your own data: numbers for different brands, industries, and contexts will vary. If you were intrigued about a specific insight, you can go in-depth into the various dimensions and how data can be segmented in Confect, heree.