When should you use logos for eCommerce lead generation

October 19, 2022

When it comes to eCommerce lead generation, it's important to consider whether using a logo in your ads will benefit your brand in the long term or hinder short-term performance.

This is a common debate among marketers, but there are some key factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use a logo in your eCommerce ads.

As marketers, we often have a strong attachment to our own brand and believe that everyone who sees our ads will love it just as much as we do.

While it's true that we have fans and loyal customers who appreciate our brand, it's not always the case that they want to see our logo in every piece of content we produce.

In fact, research has shown that on average, logos in eCommerce content can actually decrease lead generation!

Let’s take a deeper dive into using logs in your ecommerce lead generation campaigns.

Logos in the content decrease lead generation on average

When looking at the overall lead generation rate and number of leads generated, using a logo in the content can decrease performance by 21%.

This means that people are less likely to sign up for a newsletter or take some other desired action if an eCommerce company's logo is present in the ad.

This raises the question of whether you should accept the decrease in performance in order to build your long-term brand, or if it's better to use other brand elements like colors, fonts, and feeling to achieve a higher lead generation rate while still building your brand.

This will be up to your business/brand, but in many cases, it's possible to maintain a strong brand presence without using your logo in the content.

Just keep in mind that as an ecommerce brand, we found a possible decrease in lead generation if you do decide to show your logo.

The next obvious question is whether or not this applies to all types of lead generation messaging, like if you’re running a competition.

People would want to see your logo so they know who is running the competition right?.

Having a logo in the content when doing competitions, it decreases performance

When it comes to competitions for lead generation, using a logo in the content can actually decrease performance.

This may be because potential customers are not as interested in the company running the competition as they are in the prizes they can win!

In these cases, it may be more effective to focus on the specifics of the prizes being offered rather than trying to promote your logo.

It's also important to note that competitions are among the best lead generation ad types for eCommerce brands.

However, including a logo in the content for these types of ads can decrease performance by an average of 9%.

This suggests that people are more focused on the potential reward than the company running the competition, so using a logo in these ads may not be necessary.

But what if there are no rewards in your campaign, say for example, a lead generation about new products?

In most cases, using a logo in your eCommerce lead generation content can decrease performance.

However, there is one notable exception: when promoting new products.

In these cases, using a logo in the lead generation ads can actually increase performance by 45%.

This may be because most people who are interested in a company's new products already know and may already like the brand.

If people don’t know your new products and also don’t recognize your brand, they’ll have two unknown factors in their mind which could scare them off!

Seeing the logo can provide a sense of familiarity and reduce the number of unknown factors for the potential customer.

On top of that, it can also help people who are not familiar with the brand to become more interested in it.

So when talking about new products, it might be a good idea to show your logo in the content to increase lead gen performance.

Make a decision based on your brands goals

The use of logos in eCommerce lead generation ads can be a very complex decision.

While it's true that logos can increase brand recognition in the long term, they can also decrease performance in the short term.

In general, it's best to avoid using a logo in competition-related ads, but including one when promoting new products can improve performance.

As always, it's important to carefully consider the specific goals and audience of your campaign when deciding whether or not to use a logo.

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The dataset from this article is based on 944M impressions and 3.4K pieces of individual content on Meta (Facebook) platforms. It takes into account data from all countries and industries, with the campaign objective of Lead Generation or Outcome Leads. The period is from 1. September 2021 - 16. September 2022. 

Numbers are looking at correlation only, not causation. Remember to check your own data: numbers for different brands, industries, and contexts will vary.

If you were intrigued about a specific insight, you can go in-depth into the various dimensions and how data can be segmented in Confect,  here.