Use these text tips to get more leads as an eCommerce brand

March 13, 2022

You may already have an ad copy above or below the ad itself, but how much text should you include in the ad content?

Knowing how to use text is important not just for ecommerce, but for all brands across the board.

There are many opportunities to write a lot of text about your product - name, brand, color, size, delivery, refund, price, sale, etc. - but many designers try to limit it.

Facebook also used to tell everyone to keep text under 20%, however that isn’t a rule anymore.

But old habits can still impact marketers' actions and thoughts…

Usually with regular ads, text can help to show and tell about the offer and purchasing details, providing valuable information that buyers are looking for before making a purchase.

However, this is also the case when it comes to lead generation!

Let’s go through some text tips to customize your dynamic ads increase your lead generation for your ecommerce brand.

You should always have text in your lead generation content

When it comes to lead generation as an e-commerce brand, you should always include some text in your content.

But how much? If you’ve already put text in your ad body or above the content/below the content etc., you might think you don’t need too much text in the content itself.

But we found that ads with no text perform 72% worse than average for lead generation!

Even using a low amount of text is better than not having any text at all.

This is because your potential leads need to know why they are giving you their information, usually email, and possibly signing up to a newsletter.

Without any further information, it’s very unlikely they will sign up.

This is why we found that a medium text amount generates the most leads for ecommerce brands.

Read about using text with the objective of conversions here.

This is different from the best-performing text amounts when optimizing for conversions, where a high amount of text performs best.

It is worth noting that you can still get away with no text in conversion campaigns, especially if you have strong product images. 

However, this is not the case with lead generation.

It’s important to consider the context of the ad when designing content and remember that the best-performing design elements can vary depending on your goal.

In lead generation campaigns, the best-performing text amount is medium or high, while in conversion campaigns, high text is the best performer.

It’s great to talk about how much text you need to be using.

However, all of that is pointless if we don’t talk about what exactly you should be mentioning in your text.

Show the special price or saving you get for signing up

Just by including numbers in your content can improve its performance by 81%!

Offering a specific discount or promotion can be very effective in lead generation.

This is because using numbers to specify the value of a prize or offer can increase its appeal to potential leads.

Remember, these potential leads need a clear reason as to why they are signing up to your email list.

Making content more specific with the use of numbers can improve its effectiveness.

Simple things like “sign up and get 10% off” or “you could win $100 worth of products” can be very effective in your lead generation campaigns.

These incentives and rewards end up adding more motivation to get people to sign up, but are also useful to convert those leads into paying customers down the line.

We highly suggest considering using specific numbers in your content when running lead gen campaigns to increase lead gen rate.

Even though mentinoing specific numbers and using text helps your lead generation campaigns, it is also important to consider the type of campaign you are running, such as competitions, when deciding on the amount of text to include in your content for lead generation.

For eCommerce competitions, it doesn’t really matter how much text you write

When we look at different messaging types like competitions or giveaways for eCommerce lead generation, the amount of text in the content does not significantly impact its performance.

In this case, a high text amount tends to perform the best while medium text amount is the worst performing.

But interestingly, the difference in performance between text amounts is only about 10%!

This means that the context of the content should be seriously considered when deciding on the amount of text to use.

Since text amount doesn’t really impact lead generation, it’s more important to focus on crafting a clear and compelling message for your ad, rather than just focusing on having a high text amount.

Knowing how much text to use is one thing.

But knowing where to place the text can make a big difference in your lead generation campaigns.

Where you place the text can mean a 153% difference in performance

When running lead generation campaigns for e-commerce brands, it is important to consider not just the amount, but also the placement of your text to maximize its effectiveness.

We found that the best layout performs 153% better than the worst text layout you can use.

But what is the best text layout?

The most effective text placement is having a lot of text in the middle, and a bit of text in both the top and the bottom of the ad.

On the other hand, the worst performing text layout is having no text at all, followed by having text only at the bottom of the ad.

Surprisingly, the most commonly used layout for lead generation ads is the worst performing layout.

You can gain a huge advantage by knowing where to place the text in your lead generation ads.

Use these tips to convert leads into paying customers

Text is an important factor to consider in e-commerce advertising, particularly when running lead generation campaigns.

It is essential to include some text in your content in order to effectively communicate the value of your offer and motivate potential leads to sign up.

The best-performing text amount for e-commerce lead generation campaigns is medium or high, while for conversion campaigns, high text tends to be the most effective.

It is also important to consider the specific message and incentives that you are communicating in your text, as well as the context of your campaign, when deciding on the amount of text to include.

By carefully considering these factors, you can improve the performance of your lead generation campaigns and effectively convert leads into paying customers!

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Data section

The dataset from this article is based on 944M impressions and 3.4K pieces of individual content on Meta (Facebook) platforms. It takes into account data from the eCommerce industry in all countries, with the campaign objective of Lead Generation. The period is from 1. September 2021 - 16. September 2022.

Numbers are looking at correlation only, not causation. Remember to check your own data: numbers for different brands, industries, and contexts will vary.

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