Lead generation for Black Friday

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Lead generation for Black Friday

All the insight you need to know to prepare and run effective lead generation campaigns for Black Friday.
Use our knowledge and create buy-ready audiences ahead of the time.

Join us on 21st of September at 10am CET

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Lead generation for Black Friday

Here's a what you will learn:

  • What is the best audience for Black Friday?Who should you target? What is the difference in costs and purchases each audience can bring during Black Friday?
  • How much text is the best to use for Black Friday?It's super easy to remove or add more text. But only one can bring significantly more results.
  • How does purchase-optimized ads look like? Use best-performing ads as inspiration when making yours. We have collected examples for each data point covered. 30+ Examples.
  • What are the best colors for Black Friday sales?You won't believe how important are colors. Data shows that using the right color combination in your ads can play a huge role in camping success.

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Learnings from best Black Friday ads

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