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Facebook Ad Relevance is important: It's correlated with your performance.

But. Getting actionable insights on what to do can be hard.

Especially since there's no great resources on the topic unfortunately. 😔

So - we have made it. Ready for you to download 😄

The greatest resource on Facebook Ad Relevance with a lot great examples and actionable ideas. 👀

A pdf you can use when your performance is lower than what you hoped for.

And that's what the Ad Relevance Diagnostics should be used to - to get new ideas for ads you want to perform better.

And trust me, it needs to be actionable insights and ideas you can look at when you need inspiration. 📊

Just read the summed-up too-long-didn't-read-version of our guide:

"Do everything in your power to make engaging and high-quality ads, shown to the right audience, that are optimized for making people do the conversion you have asked Facebook to optimize for."

That's a lot of things to optimize for - which is why you need a list of specific elements to change/ optimize when it's performing badly.

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High-Quality Creative Assets

In order to score well in Quality ranking, your ad has to be of high quality—sounds pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? 

Well, yes and no. As explained earlier, ‘quality’ in this context does not necessarily translate purely into well-rendered images or a high pixel-count.

Rather, it’s in the cross-section between well-rendered creative assets, stylistic design that compliments the product/message, and Facebook’s various metrics for estimating any given ad’s so-called quality.

Moreover, in the creation of any ad, it’s also important to keep in mind overall branding, the audience’s current place in the sales funnel, proper design theory, and storytelling.

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Clickbait and sensational language isn’t just a no-go on Facebook. It’s also just poor style.

Clickbait is, per definition, never effective and always a let-down. The moment a clickbaity title actually lives up to whatever promise it’s making, it’s no longer clickbait. It’s engaging language that presents an appealing offer that actually lives up to the things it promises.

So, in short, never promise what you can’t keep.

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Optimize for No Sound

There are untold reasons why a user might never actually hear the wicked audio you’ve diligently recorded for your video ad. In fact, some estimates and case studies claim that upwards of 85% of the eight billion daily views on Facebook might play in total silence.

85%. 85!

Make sure that they’re still able to get something out of it without losing out on the salient points of your ad or its primary offer.

Great audio in an ad is a big plus, but you have to make sure the ad also makes sense without sound.

This means that, if the video contains speech, include subtitles. No exceptions.

Avoid Clutter

Unnecessary details, purple prose, flashy images, overly-edited video, and other elements that do little but clog up the screen risk confusing (or worse, irritating) the user.

Simply put if there’s too much going on in the ad it’s too disturbing for our brain and eyes – and instead of using a lot of energy to understand the creative, we just scroll by.

Keep the content in your ad to only the most necessary elements. Cut fat ruthlessly.

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Optimize the Landing Page

Here’s something surprisingly few people know: Your performance is not only based on the ad itself but also on how easy it is for people to convert beyond the ad.

The easier it is for a user to perform your desired conversion, the more people will do it.

In short, that’s the gist of conversion rate optimization (or CRO) and is typically applied in combination with split-testing websites to make more people convert. 

If you are optimizing for purchases, your performance is directly tied to how easy it is for a customer to buy your product.

If landing page A makes it unnecessarily challenging for users to buy your product or service, fewer people will do it. But if landing page B smoothes out that challenge, more people are likely to buy—and this is all external to your ad.

The ad’s job is merely to get people to whichever landing page you’ve set up. 

Furthermore, it’s not just important to optimize your website for the desired conversions but also other actions you want the user to take, such as completing a lead form. For instance, the fewer boxes there are to fill out in the form, and the more that are filled-out automatically, the more people will convert (i.e. submit their lead-information).

Therefore, in order to improve your Conversion rate ranking, you should not only focus on the ad and the targeting itself—remember to also make it easy for people to convert beyond the point of clicking your ad.

Unclear Action/Conversion

One reason that users may not be converting is that they don’t know what to do.

You don’t want an ad leaving potential customers scratching their heads, thinking, “What now?”

Don’t simply describe how they can benefit from your offer; also tell them what to do next. Ensure that the next step for them to take on their customer journey is always clear and obvious—by the use of effective calls to action, for example.

Do note, however, if your campaign is not optimized towards a specific action (e.g. conversion, sale, clicks, lead, etc.) and the ultimate goal is to increase reach or other brand-related objectives, this point is less important. In fact, the best call in these cases might often be to leave out a call to action entirely.

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