100 great ads from social to inspire you

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100 great ads from social to inspire you

Low on inspiration for your ads? Fret no longer! We’ve gathered a whopping 100 great ads that can’t help but inspire you!

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100 great Facebook ads to inspire you

Beautiful eCommerce Ads

Essentially, if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air (or just a little bit of inspiration) when creating new ads, you have to read this book! No joke. It’s a lifesaver. If we could, we’d make a parachute out of it.

Deep analysis on each ad

Learn from design theories and marketing practices used in the ads.

Covering all steps of funnel

Optimize for Top , Mid and Bottom of the funnel ? We have the examples.

All kinds of companies and categories

Get inspiration from you category and industry leaders.

Written by ecommerce specialists

Free experts insights on ads you could be making.

Here's few examples:

  • #7: A FREE smartphone!If you want to grab attention this is a great way to do it. First of all the "FREE SMARTPHONE" text is made so big that it would be a miracle if you could miss it when scrolling. After this they have placed the smartphone slightly on top of the text, making it pop out - in order to make you notice it.
  • #13: Tilted for gamingHere's some background knowledge for non-gamers: When you are being "tilted" as a gamer, you are so frustrated when playing that you play reckless and overaggressively. Is this why the computer is tilted? Together with this the character on the screen are hitting the floor hard making the computer jump.
  • #90: F OFF pleaseFirst of all, the text in this ad is just perfect. On the slipper, itself self it says "f*ck off" and under the price, in the left-hand corner it says "No time for Bullsh*t." This is a textbook example of how you can get your ad and product to speak well together.

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