100 great ads to inspire you

Low on inspiration for your ads? Fret no longer! We’ve gathered a whopping 100 great ads that can’t help but inspire you!

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100 of the web’s best ads, just for you—and all our followers

We’ve all been there. It’s getting late. You should’ve been out the office hours ago. But you’re stuck designing yet another ad on yet another generic product.

Oh, if only there were somewhere you could turn to find inspiration?

Well, look no further. This book was made for you! Filled to the brim with inspiring ads and thoughtful insights by our experts, it’ll have you churning out award-winning ads in no time flat.

50+ Pages | Instant download
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Essentially, if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air (or just a little bit of inspiration) when creating new ads, you have to read this book!

No joke. It’s a lifesaver. If we could, we’d make a parachute out of it.

We guarantee that you will find something you can use in your own marketing. Some of the things we touch on are: color-theory, lightning, design principles, how the human eye sees the color scale, and much much more.

And if you, against all odds, find yourself uninspired after reading it, we promise to help you.

Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

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