Let’s make marketing unique and engaging once again.

As Peter Drucker wrote in his classic The Practice of Management from 1954, innovation and marketing is the only functions in a business that produces results; All the rest are costs.

Mr. Drucker saw marketing as the distinguishing, unique function of a business. You use it to make customers choose you over the competitors – because of your uniqueness.

But the growing use of retargeting and other ads based on data has unfortunately made most advertisements generic with a generic product-image on a white solid background.

We’re making marketing the distinguishing, unique function of your business once again – and once for all.

Andreas Nielsen
Business / Founder
Andreas loves marketing and have spoken at the biggest conferences in Denmark about online marketing.
[email protected]
+45 4 123 123 1
Mathias Jensen
Development / Founder

Mathias is the technological wizard and can go from the big overview of our tech-landscape to the smallest details in a code-library in a minute.

Jens Davidsen
Jens is an experienced startup-founder and an eagle at making sure our technical foundation is rock-solid.
Sanne Jelstad
Sanne is keeping track of all our financial moves and makes sure that everything is going as planned.
Christian Schmidt

Christian is amazing at turning algorithms, artificial intelligence and loads of data into something visually beautiful in your ads.

Frederik Balslev

Frederik is great at mathematics and the chance that you will meet a person as good as Frederik at matrix algebra and formulas is low.

Daniel Nyvang
Daniel is a very active chairman of our board helping take the roadmap and proces of making a growing company to new heights.
Rasmus Sørensen

Rasmus can adjust all gradients or images to fit with your brand or product – via blood, sweat, tears and mathematics.

Ulv Foerlev

Ulv is especially great at working together with other companies via API’s and integrations so everything goes smoothly and all data is processed.

Søren Haakonson
Søren is our magical designer making sure the editor and algorithms produce great designs.
Fun fact: He has designed for the danish rapper L.O.C.

Our history

We Started Out Selling Clothing Via An iPhone-App

The two founders lived in an old 3-bedroom apartment with one room to each founder and the last room used as office.

Had To Get Customers, So We Build A Marketing-Engine

We are a team of engineers so of course we made our marketing with an engineering-perspective build from scratch.

Became One Of The Most Popular Apps In Our Country Because Of This Engine

Our marketing went so well that we multiple times was places as the most downloaded app for the day, gaining us a total of a quarter million users.

Focused On The Marketing-Engine Instead Of Selling Clothing

Our results on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat was 2-4 times better than our competitors, so we had to follow this opportunity.

We Named It Confect And Now You Can Use It Too

But we are not finished with the development. We follow our vision which results in an ever-developing product.