How can you optimize your Dynamic Product Ads?

How can you optimize your Dynamic Product Ads?

Well, you can do this:

But what’s so special about that?

For one it includes:

  • An enticing and product-relevant background
  • Ratings of the wine
  • an icon that displays the origin of the wine

For another, all elements in the ad are dynamic. And 100% automated.

And most important of all, you ensure that remarketing efforts target the right people with a dynamic ad with the right design for them.

So if you do something as simple as changing the background in your DPA design, showing the price of the product or showing product ratings, you will see a significant increase in your performance.

You may think that this takes hours to set up, and a lot of manpower. Well, it doesn’t. With internet access and 30 minutes of your time, you will be ready to outperform your competitors!

Take Your Dynamic Products Ads to a New (and Scalable) Level with Confect

Dynamic Product Ads help you target specific product collections towards specific people and customers.

Facebook ad revenues in Q2 2020 were at a massive $18.3 billion, webshops are clearly utilizing the potential it offers.

And while the options are plenty, one ad type stands out among the rest.

Dynamic Product Ads are continually showing great results in terms of increased ROAS and lower CPAs.

At least, they do in theory. Because with any great tool, comes great risk.

When used poorly you risk anything from a complete mismatch between your other marketing palette and your DPA ad. Furthermore you can easily get lost in the masses and look like ALL of your competitors, which leads to poor performance.

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But really?

Dynamic Product Ads are worth mastering.

When used correctly, they give you control of your images in a way previously only dreamt of—and Confect makes it easy to get the very most out of it.

In short, you can go from this:

To this with Confect:

But what’s so special about that?

For one it includes:

  • The brand logo
  • An enticing and product-relevant background
  • The products price and sale price, if the product is on sale

For another, all elements in the ad are dynamic.

All Elements in the Ad are Dynamic, So What?

First of all, it means you’re in control and get to have it exactly as you like—and 100% automated.

Want a brightly yellow-colored background that screams, “SALE!”?


Or how about a product rating that automatically adjusts to the product shown and the audience targeted?


Or what about a product in front of a psychedelic background that matches your brand logo and also displays a series of customer reviews?

Here you go, you lucky bastard.

Which is to say, you have complete control over all the elements in the ad and how the design should look for every product, category, or brand—all fully automated.

And most important of all, you ensure that remarketing efforts target the right people with a dynamic ad design that speaks directly to them while complementing your brand guidelines. 

Why you should do this with your DPA

One of the primary advantages to the features mentioned above is, simply, to sell your products better.

That’s the ultimate goal, after all.

Just as you’d want to raise the conversion rate on your website or have a seller in a physical store sell the product better, the goal of your DPA should be the same.

Improve the design, the scalability, and the relevancy of your ads to improve sales.

Basically, you look at why people buy the product and incorporate that information into your design.

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For example:

Are you finding that customers buy a given product because the product rating is especially high or the brand is attractive?

Then it only makes sense to exploit that in the design of the DPA. Include the brand logo or ratings. It’d be madness to not do it—especially when Confect helps make it so easy to include and scale.

Better Overall Performance

In that sense, DPA is marketing in its purest form:

Show the customer what they want to know—before they even know they want to know it.

That’s one of the core reasons why DPA typically raises CTR overall.

Because you simply sell your products in a more attractive way to more relevant customers. And best of all, your competitors don’t do this! And we all want to outperform our competitors, right?

Which is also why the conversion rate typically follows suit.

The more relevant the audience you’re targeting with your now optimized DPA ads, the more likely they are to convert in the end.

Essentially, they’ve already decided while browsing Facebook on what they deem is the best product. And when that matches whatever is shown in your store, there’s little reason not to convert. 

It even makes crystal clear to the audience the difference between the products individually. This ensures the customer is more likely to choose the right one.

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