Better perfomance
with data-driven designs

Optimize your performance

The best tool for optimizing your data-driven marketing, squeezing out every single bit of performance.

split testing confect

Split testing made easy

It’s now easier than ever to create and test multiple catalogs, in order to find the very best design.

confect marketplace

200+ templates you can use

By leveraging the marketplace, you’ll quickly have a custom-tailored design for your product without having to start from scratch.

confect marketplace
quickly modify

Quickly modify creatives

It’s fast to create several variations of a single design, or change it based on the feedback you receive.

Expand your brand

For the first time ever, your Dynamic Product Ads can stay true to your brand.

confect brand guidelines

Follow your brand guidelines

Show your brand exactly as it is, by importing and using your own fonts, colors, logos, and other elements.

Collaborate with your team

Share your designs to the rest of your team and receive feedback, allowing everyone to pitch in.

auto positioning

Automatic and intelligent positioning

Products are intelligently resized and positioned, making your designs look crisp with all of your products.

Leverage your campaigns

Allow your Dynamic Product Ads to follow your campaigns, in order to synchronise your marketing efforts.

confect schedule

Schedule creatives for the future

Plan your next campaigns ahead of time by assigning specific designs to different periods.

Easy campaign handling

It’s easy for your team to plan and execute your campaigns, making it a natural extension to your current marketing setup.

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Build a data-driven funnel

Leverage your data and design, to target the right customer with the excact design they would be interested in.

confect product sets

Market specific Product sets

End manual work. Leverage your data and market specific groups of products, using the simple product-based filters.

confect one click upload facebook catalog feed

One-click upload to your desired channel

Upload your new feed with one click. Many manual processes are taken off your hands, saving you time and making sure it is done right.

confect one click upload facebook catalog feed
product specific creatives

Product-specific creatives

Present your product in the best possible way, by allowing the design to change dynamically based on the product.

In an advanced graphic editor

Everything is possible. Sometimes even easier. Tailored for every product.

confect graphic editor

Most webshops don’t have a version of their product images with transparent background, but the sophisticated AI automatically removes the white background from your product images.

Layer-based editing allows you to freely create the designs you want just like Photoshop.

Create any kind of gradient either based on your brand, or picked from the 800 pre-made gradients.

Any part of your design can be dynamically colored based on the color of the product. Either in the same color, the complimentary color for full contrast, or any other color-theory-based option.

Products are intelligently scaled and positioned in order to look their best. 

Allow your products to cast any type of dynamic shadow you wish with the advanced settings.

Automatically adjust the product based on the background, in order to create a much more realistic and unified design.

Make your text look exactly like you want it with the advanced text editor, which supports your custom fonts or any Google Fonts.

Utilize a big library of patterns to make your design look more unique and less boring.

As mentioned everything is possible. View more possibilities in our YouTube tutorials

confect graphic editor