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If you are using Dynamic Product Ads for remarketing or prospecting this book will give you insights that can raise your ROAS up to 200%.

With the book you learn:

  • The optimal use of DPA in your funnel
  • Use DPA for lead generation
  • Scale DPA in your prospecting
  • Hardcore segmentation
  • ... and 15 other impactful topics

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Dynamic Product Ads. A marketing discipline that is relatively easy to get started with.

But with quite a hardcore engine under the hood. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

An engine that we have experienced give amazing results. Especially as platforms like Facebook get better and better at targeting the right people with the right products. ๐Ÿ‘€

But many of the possibilities of Dynamic Product Ads are - by most eCommerces - unfortunately not utilized as well as they could.

Whether youโ€™re already established or just starting out. Opportunities like picking up leads effectively using DPA. Or how to segment best with Dynamic Product Ads to increase profitability and repurchase rate. Or build video flows whose sole purpose are to feed the DPA ads efficiently. Or all the experiences of using DPA best in conjunction with oneโ€™s campaign peaks.

Because of our software,, we have had the opportunity to travel around the world over the past year to talk to some of the leading experts about Dynamic Product Ads. We wanted to make the best tool for Dynamic Product Ads. So we wanted to collect ALL their gold nuggets about DPA. ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ฐ

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The question we asked was always relatively simple: โ€How do you make the most of Dynamic Product Ads?โ€

The question was simple - the answer was complex. For all the places we went - whether it was big agencies, former and current Facebook employees, the little nerds who knew the marketing documentation on their backbone or ambitious startups who proudly told us about their latest growth hack - yes, they all had each their own grains of gold to share.

Each its own grain of gold that left us thinking: Damn - there are insane possibilities if this is used correctly. ๐Ÿ“Š๐Ÿ“ˆ

So, here you have it.

Our collection of some of the best gold nuggets, hacks, experiences and frameworks within Dynamic Product Ads. Collected from some of the world's sharpest Facebook minds. Learnings taken from experiments and split tests worth many, many millions of kroner.

The level starts from the beginner, who has only just dipped his toes in the DPA waters, and all the way up to the companies that want to scale their DPA spend to over +150,000 USD/month.

The experts in the book range widely in areas of expertise within Facebook - so we have ensured that ALL relevant topics about Dynamic Product Ads were exhausted.

This book can help you boost your performance significantly. All you have to do is follow the tips and split-test different ways of doing the tips.

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Chapters on Dynamic Product Ads

#1 Optimal Use of Dynamic Product Ads in Your Funnel

#2 Dynamic Product Ads & Creatives

#3 Internationalize Your Dynamic Ads on Facebook and Instagram

#4 Copywriting - the Text for Your DPA

#5 Product Sets in Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

#6 Always-on vs. Campaign Peaks - The Optimal Combination

#7 Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

#8 Lead generation with Dynamic Product Ads

#9 Customer Segments are the Way to even Better ROAS

#10 $15.8 Million Experience on Facebook

#11 New Customers with Facebook DPA in a Full Funnel strategy

#12 Use the Product Feed to Optimize DPA

#13 Lift Study - Test whether DPA is Worth It

#14 A Mathematical Saline Injection for Facebook DPA

#15 How to Scale DPA During Prospecting

#16 Collection Ad - An Inspiring Ad Format

#17 Conversion Opportunities

#18 Spend Less Budget on New Customers - and Nurture Your Existing Ones

#19 Use Dynamic Product Ads to Boost Sales from Your Marketing Campaigns

This eBook is the most comprehensive resource ever written on Dynamic Product Ads.

20 experts each writing a chapter with a method that have performed very, very well for them.

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