How to Split-test (A/B-test) Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

How to Split-test (A/B-test) Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

As you probably know by now, since you are here on this page, Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) are very powerful when it comes to Facebook Ads. In this blogpost I’ll tell you how to master split-testing of DPAs.

This blog-post is not a guide on how to do DPAs in Facebook Business Manager. If you’re a newcomer, you are not at the right place. If, however, you are already working with Facebook Business Manager everyday, and you are a Facebook Ads rockstar, you are exactly where you need to be.

So here we go!

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Find out what you want to split-test

Start by asking yourself: “what is it that you want to split-test?”.

There are many things that you can split-test when it comes to Dynamic Product Ads:

  • Having the product name in the image vs. not having it in the image
  • Showing prices vs. not showing prices in the image
  • Having a background vs. not having a background
  • Large product image vs. small product image
  • Showing the old price vs. not showing it
  • Having a badge vs. not having a badge
  • Having a logo vs. not having a logo
  • Background 1 vs. background 2
  • Color 1 vs. color 2

Let’s make this simple for now, and assume that you simply want to split-test having a colorful background vs. not having a background on your product image.

This is usually a good place to start. But generally, my recommendation is that the more money you spend on your DPAs, the more you should split-test.

split testing dynamic product ads

Ideally, you want to split-test all of the aforementioned bulletpoints!

Anyway, for now, let’s focus on this simple split-test.

Create your different product catalogues in Facebook Business Manager

The SECOND step to split-testing your DPAs, is to make sure that you have at least 2 (preferably more) product catalogues that you want to test. 

So naturally, the first step is to make your product catalogues. If you are using Shopify, WordPress/WooCommerce, or even Magento, there are plenty of guides out there.

In this guide I will not show you how to create product catalogues. I will assume that you already know this, because, remember, you are a Facebook ads rockstar!

Let’s say you have a product catalogue with 100 products. This is a simple product catalogue created with a feed app, such as Flexify for Shopify.

Now, you use to spice up your product catalogue, by adding a new background.

Once this is done, you upload the new product feed to your Catalogue Manager.

Ta-da. Now you have two product catalogues!

Now, we are ready to rumble. 

Start split-testing

Now that all the boring stuff has been taken care of, let’s get down to business.

There is one easy way of split-testing DPAs.

It is to run a campaign with the campaign objective “Catalogue Sales”.

Let’s dig into it:

Running Catalogue Sales Split-tests for DPAs

The first, and most common way to split-test DPAs is by using the standard Catalogue Sales campaign objective.

  1. Create one campaign with the objective Catalogue Sales.
  2.  Turn off Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO).
  3. Set the budget for any amount that you please.
  4. Create an ad set with the audience that you please (you can start with this ad set):

[AddToCart 7 days] – [Conversion 7 days]

  1. Set up your normal DPA just like you would normally.
  2. Name the DPA “Product Catalogue 1”
  3. Duplicate the campaign.
  4. Change the name of the duplicated DPA in the duplicated ad set to “Product Catalogue 2”
  5. Change the Product Catalogue in the campaign level to the new product catalogue.
  6. Launch the campaign.

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Note: Remember to run the same timeframe and budget for both campaigns! Since you have created an A/B Test inside Facebook your audience has been divided evenly across the two campaigns being split-tested.

Now you just have to sit back and watch the results. 

You will then be able to cross-examine the results after a weeks time.

Once that is done, you can create even more Product Catalogues, and split-test more!

This post was written by our friends from the agency Nordic Social, that helps companies like 3, L’oréal, Just Eat, and Rockwoll with their Social Media Marketing.

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