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Our team see hundred of ads from e-Commerce-companies every week, and since we are so nerdy we of course save the best of them.

As Picasso once said: “Great Artists Steal”.

We have a library with more than 10.000+ ads collected from the biggest e-Commerce-companies around the world – a mix of multiple countries, markets, styles and strategies.

With Grand Theft Ads we send an email every tuesday with the 5 best ads we have seen from eCommerce-companies on social media.


No spam, no sales, just one email every tuesday with 5 ads and two sentences on each why the ad is so great.


All the ads are from some of the biggest companies in the world, so there’s a lot of inspiration to collect if you’re doing marketing for an e-Commerce-company.

Ads we have showcased in Grand Theft Ads:


This ad uses all the space available for the neon-colored shirt and shows the important part (the top) by cropping the bottom of the shirt. The background uses the same colors as the shirt but less intrusive and saturated, meaning the shirt get's all the focus.


If you scroll in your Instagram-feed your eyes will catch the bright blue Converse-shoes immediately. The background is a light and less saturated version of the complementary color which exaggerates the focus on the shoes. The text is marked with an even lighter background, making sure you catch the news.


It's gonna be a white Christmas - and the danish telecom-company CBB makes sure to tell their customers about the holiday-contest on the new Huawei P30 Pro. The Christmas-background is very subtle and the focus immediately goes to the face of their mascot and the bright glowing phone.


This ad for a subscription-company uses almost all the tricks in the book to direct your focus to their product (the brown box). The box is bright and sharp, it stands in the foreground of some other subtle boxes, between the foreground and background they have a complimentary subtle overlay, and to finish off they have the purple props pointing in the direction of their product.


With these colors you are not able to miss this ad! The bright red creates a beautiful silhouette around the product, and if this wasn't enought to catch your attention the have added the yellow stripes in the background, disturbing your eyes (because of the 45 degree angle) why you're giving the ad an extra look.


If you want to catch the attention of your customers this is the way to do it. The cup is made giant on purpose cropping the bottom in order to show the big size in your feed. The also-giant text saying 'FREE' makes sure you want to find out what the company is up for. Your eyes will be delighted by the bright red cup filled with delicious Cola on a pastel-brown background rotated on purpose.


This ad is made great by the simplicity of it. A bright yellow background getting lighter towards the middle (thereby moving your eyes towards the middle) showing the bright blue box with a dangerous shark, bright Lego-logo and the yellow elements on it. As a great finish Lego uses a nice drop shadow to make it appear on top of the gradient. An instant classic!


Often less is more. This creative from the Swedish speaker-company Sonos is simple and flat yet so elegant. Because of the brown background your eyes instantly go to the text and the black speaker - but in a non-intrusive way, since the contrast from the black to the brown is easier on the eyes than white or some other light colors. Last but not least, the lighting of the product is world-class, done by a professional.

IMG_3213 (1)

No, this ad is not from the 90's - but it's vintage-look and not-so-sharp quality makes it stand out from the other ads in your feed. The colors are well-polished making the red perfume stand out from the blue statue - even making the Gucci-logo stand out in a blurred image. This ad will speak for itself in the feed because of the vintage-look and great colors.


Standing out from the crowd in the feed can be a difficult task, even though you have a product a specific audience will love. This plant-based shoe is one of the few you see rotated like this, breaking the patterns your eyes normally see shoes within. Together with the light text, the border made by plants and the white square your eyes will instantly move towards the toes of the shoes, enjoying the lovely green colors.

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