Dynamic Collection Ads — Carousel Ads on Steroids

Dynamic Collection Ads — Carousel Ads on Steroids

So, what can you use Dynamic Collection Ads for?

To advertise:

  • New collections
  • Select brands
  • Product categories such as sneakers, menswear, wine from specific regions, products over/under $100
  • Most popular
  • Special (and not so special) sales
  • Individual products and multiple variants hereof

When it comes to the question of design, Collection Ads function a little like carousel ads on steroids.

They allow you to attract a user’s and potential customer’s attention by clever use of the picture or video at the top—and thereafter to showcase that user relevant 

products underneath or following the creative.

In that sense, a Collection Ad is a sort of two-in-one solution where you hit the user on two of the four rungs of the AIDA model at once.

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How Do Dynamic Collection Ads Work?

Dynamic Collection Ads affords users and customers to view more products and learn more features of a specific product.

Primarily, they do so by pairing image or video with a carousel of products underneath, and in that way drive the customer from the attract or inspiration phase straight through to the action phase with a mere swipe.

While it’s already possible to incorporate dynamic elements such as customer ratings into standard carousel ads, Dynamic Collection Ads focus on integrating the variable targeting features of Dynamic Product Ads into the Collection format.

Which is to say, they look quite similar.

But the possibilities are far greater. 

You still have the option to start out with a few lines of text, afterwhich you’re able to choose a featured creative, such as a featured image or a video for the ad.

This will show up and attract the user’s attention.

Following that, you can implement many different products to be featured underneath in the form of any Dynamic Product Ad—which means you’re not limited to just one product or one video but have the option of displaying a range of relevant products.

Make Sure You Pair the Right Products with the Right Creative

One of the major advantages (aside from the invaluable prospecting possibilities, which we’ll get to later) that Confect offers when paired with Dynamic Collection Ads is ensuring correct parity between products and ads.

In other words, the primary purpose of a Dynamic Collection Ad is to grab a user’s attention and then drive the user to action by showing a range of relevant products in relation to that attention-grabber.

But if there’s a mismatch between the attention-grabber and the products displayed, the entire purpose is defeated.

Here Confect helps you optimize your creatives and the various design elements to be included/excluded in each ad instance.

We can even help you match the product designs match the image or video used in the Collection Ad.

For instance, check out this special offer carousel:

Or this ad with a specific brand highlighted, matching the preceding video ad:

If you want to get started making the same kind of performance-enhanced ads, you can learn more here.

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