Better Ad Campaigns with Less Work

Better Ad Campaigns with Less Work

Considering all the possibilities Facebook’s remarketing tools already offer, integrating your campaigns in Dynamic Product Ads allow you to take it all one step further. 

Imagine having automatically integrated campaigns in your Dynamic Product Ads, so when e.g. Black Friday is coming up – your design in your DPA automatically changes to a Black Friday design.

Mail graphic 5

This will help you:

  • Create urgency and scarcity on a campaign-level
  • Form cohesion between all relevant ads on TV, website, display, etc.
  • Negate ad fatigue

Facebook’s remarketing tools already offer a lot of options, but not necessarily the use of marketing campaigns in your DPA. BUT if you sprinkle in a little Confect, you get the ability to change the design creative – when, and how you want it.

That’s an irresistible cocktail that’s sure to boost your ROAS!

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It means you can:

  • Merge Facebook’s remarketing opportunities with the power of automation
  • Scale and customize your ads with Confect’s data-driven, easy-to-use-easy-to-master tools
  • Enhance your use of creatives in ads and collections on any scale with automatically adjustable elements
  • Split-test even the most minute of details, such as adding or excluding a flag, and emoji, or whatever else you can think of
  • Set automatically interchangeable visual elements for each product, catalog, or what you might want to
  • And much, much more while also and at every turn improving the over-arching relevancy of your brand presence and message

But how will this actually look? It could for an example look like this:

Mail graphic 3 1

And best of all?

You do none of the heavy lifting. Confect and the automation processes handle all the hard work for you.

Different Campaigns in the same DPA Catalogue

Generally, if you want to use campaigns as designs in DPA, it takes a great deal of work and requires a lot of time. Moreover, the whole ad will likely have to go through the learning phase again – each time you start a new campaign.

In short, this means you have to start all over again with everything that the ad has ‘learned.’

But with Confect you can easily make customizable and dynamic designs that automatically ‘switch’ depending on relevancy.

For instance, you might have one specific design for Black Friday, and then something less specific the following day.

Confect does this all for you without you having to lift as much as a finger—once you’ve created the design, of course.

This can be applied to all the campaigns you could come up with.

So in the one and same catalogue, you can have:

  • A standard design
  • A sale design
  • A Black Friday design
Different designs 1

Or whatever else you might find relevant—Confect ensures that the designs switch when, where, and how often you want at exactly the times you want.

This means you can highlight anything from urgency to scarcity on an ad-to-ad level—and manage it on campaign-level.


The majority of people who receive your DPA ads already know about you and/or some of your products.

This means they have probably already considered buying something from your or are at least to be found somewhere along the funnel.

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So, the question is, how do you get them to take that last step?

You could, for example, lead them closer with the help of a campaign that creates urgency in them.

Instead of being met with just another standard ad with a product on a bland, white background, you can show them an attention-grabbing ad with beautiful design that ALSO manages to create a sense of urgency.

That’s far more likely to nudge them in your direction.

Examples could be such things as adding to your dynamic ads something along the lines of:

  • Info on limited stock
  • A time-sensitive sale

Or whatever else you can dream of.

Confect helps you do it better, more effectively, and make sure you only have to do it once, regardless of how many ads you have active.


It is a more or less fundamental human trait that if there is less of a thing, you will appreciate it more.

This is a basic tenet of market theory and has been at least since the infamous cookie experiment of 1975 where cookies in a limited supply were favoured over cookies in abundant supply. 

And when it comes to the design and attractability of your ad designs, there’s much you can use here.

Exclusivity is the keyword.

In a design, for example, you could add an element such as:

  • Available only from us
  • Unique, hand-crafted wares

Or whatever makes it clear that either the supply or the nature of the product is limited (i.e. exclusive) in some form or sense.

Use that to your advantage rather than a negative.

Coherent omnichannel funnel

In a perfect world, you want your brand to be recognizable across all your marketing channels.

Whether it be through the use of a mascot, a certain font, a philosophy, a logo, and so on and so on—ideally you want all of the above.

And with Confect, the perfect world can be yours.

If you run standard white DPA ads, you’re making it unnecessarily difficult for the receiver to recognize that you are the sender.

This is true for all channels, TV, online, display, social media, etc.

You want to make your brand stand out across all channels.

Like McDonald’s, like Nike, like Amazon, like Zalando, and os on.

So why not run it on your DPA?

If people know about your business, then they will most likely also be able to recognize your campaign(s). Therefore, there is no reason not to run campaigns on all your platforms.

Fighting Ad Fatique

Facebook ad fatigue is when people see your same ad too many times. High ad fatigue causes Facebook to severely limit your ad’s deliverability.

You’ve probably experienced it yourself—maybe you keep seeing the same annoying ad on YouTube, or it’s that cringey jingle on the radio that keeps getting to you.

Point is, a major risk with any ad campaign is causing ad fatigue (or outright annoyance) in your audience.

An ad poorly done and poorly targeted can end up hurting your business more than helping.

With Confect’s automatically changing designs, however, you won’t have to worry.

Here you can easily set up your ad campaigns so that the same ad design will never be shown to the same person twice, helping you mix up the look, message, and/or appeal of all the ads in your campaign.

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