Confect Analytics

Powerful, self-serve content analytics to help you convert and engage more potential customers. Like Google Analytics, for your content on Facebook.

Analyze and understand your Content

No more gut feelings – look at your historic data of what made your content perform – or not perform.

Confect pulls your performance data and content from Meta

Confect analyzes your content automatically

Confect gives you a dashboard where you can analyze your ads

Answer the important questions

How much text should we have in our ads?

Turquoise and Gray colors works surprisingly well!

How much does performance of content fall over time?

It works great to talk about our free shipping and sales!

Sneak peek of the dashboard

See your Analytics - for free

You can use Confect Analytics for free.

With the free plan, you can see data from the past 30 days.

Later, if you want, you can upgrade to our full plan for $249/mo – and get access to Predictive Analytics too.